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Made in Toulouse

La Compagnie du Chocolat was founded in 1993 by Vincent Puyuelo in Toulouse. The passion and artisanal know Isabelle and Vincent Puyuelo is a service of your greed!

Product quality

Our chocolate is 100% pure cocoa butter. We select our couverture chocolate Valrhona building on that is recognized worldwide as the benchmark du Grand Chocolat

Créations originales

Our specialty: the composition of stacked chocolate bars for a range of different flavors.
 white chocolate, oranges, pistachios and almonds; feuillantine milk to crispy crepe;
milk salted caramel, black bitter 70% candied orange, violet ...

at forty kinds of chocolates! During a particular event,
 the chocolate bars are an original support for getting a message "good mommy party",
"I love you" etc. A good gift idea that is successful: the Capitole de Toulouse on plate.

a real ride ...

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